Email Group

Keep in touch @ LRCA

Whether you’re looking to report a lost (or found) pet, want a recommendation for a painter, caregiver, handyman or Thai restaurant, you can rely on the collective wisdom of the LRCA community through our email user group. 

The LRCA email user group ( is an opt-in e-mail distribution list for neighbors and LRCA members. The goal of the group is to facilitate information sharing and communication among LRCA residents in the Woods of Ilda, Willow Woods, and Springbrook Forest neighborhoods. 

If you have a question, post it to the group, and anticipate receiving answers/responses from members.

Postings are neither endorsed nor verified by the LRCA Board. 

How to Join?

To join the group, send an e-mail to: along with your name, address, and phone number requesting to join our group.

Upon receipt, you will receive an offcial e-mail invite. Follow the instructions in the e-mail with options to choose when you receive user updates (e.g. as they arrive or just once per day), and you will gain access to the group.

As an anti-spam measure, you must initiate the request to be added to the list through the process described above — your e-mail addresses cannot be entered manually by LRCA.